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Balsamic Vinegar Condiaroma33 from Laudicina Farm in sicily

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This outstanding vinegar is the fruit of the passion for the land and the wine of a family of farmers.
For several generations they produced in their small cellar a high quality wine which was called the real wine, because of all the efforts required for its production. At that time the grapes were harvested manually, carried by cart in wicker baskets and minced in a millestone machine pulled by donkeys. The vinifications was made in tank dug in the subsoil, covered by concrete and then aged in oak barrels.
The result was a wine with amber color, high content and full-body, often used as base for the production of marsala wine. A small quantity, as for the family tradition, was stored in small barrels to produce the vinegar.
The passion has now became a desire to bring this product to people who loves the good cuisine. Condiaroma 33 is the result of the mix of the yeast of the vinegar from the barrels of our cellar ad concentrated must with high residual sugar percentage produced in our own vineyards.


GLASS BOTTLE - 100 ml.

Balsamic Vinegar condiaroma33
Packing in carton of 6 bottle
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