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On the hills of Tuscia, there is a strip of land of volcanic origin, and between Zepponami Fastello, where the soil has special properties and are ideal for olive groves in biological richness.

The microclimate of the nearby Lake Bolsena ago from cradle to an ancient source of generation of trees three thousand years, selected as an excellent plant in Lebanon, and imported by the Phoenicians, the Etruscans.

The altitude of 400m. sea level, combined exposure to the sun between the West and Southeast, constitutes virtuous position between sea and mountains, providing thousands of years the growth of the rich variety Canino, Crògnolo, Leccino and Frantoio olive trees special.

Equal value is given by such ownership of the land to vineyards, from which the crop is healthy and rich in antioxidants and tannins aromaticissimi. The varieties of wine produced in the area are typical of Tuscia, well known worldwide for its flagship wine is the ancient and renowned EST EST EST.

To obtain good quality oil, you must do, with the utmost care, some operations:
- Collected by hand with the combing machine, when the olives are not yet ripe
- Transport them quickly to the mill in containers, ventilated as soon as possible
- Begin within a maximum of 10 hours of harvesting, milling for oil extraction.

The mill we use is equipped with advanced equipment for milling at COLD to prevent oxidation during processing, that will produce an oil of the highest quality, with regard both to the wealth of nutrients and taste fruity, strong but delicate, with low acidity: 0.2. Opera at the grind loop, whose phases are:

- DEFOLATION (the presence of leaves and twigs during the grinding process gives the oil a bitter taste)
- WASH and rinse under running water under pressure to remove all impurities
- A TWO STAGE GRINDING DISC: The disc rotates in one direction only, which precludes the development of heat and the formation of water / oil
- KNEADING to start the reunification of the particles present in olive oil: the dough rotates very slowly for about 30 minutes
- EXTRACTION IN DECANTER three separate phases in which the vegetation water, and olive pomace oil
- CENTRIFUGATION: the oil is ready!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil PRIAPO
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Priapo
Packing in carton of 12 bottle
0.00 €
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Falisco
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Falisco
packing in carton of 12 bottles both sizes
0.00 €
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Extra Virgin Olive Oli S. Margherita
Extra Virgin Olive Oil S. Margherita EST EST EST
Packing in carton of:
54 bottle for 0.10 lt
12 bottle for 0.25/0.50/0.75 lt
5 amphoras of 0.50 lt
It is available gift pack with one amphora in wooden box
0.00 €
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil S. Margherita Tins
Extra Virgin Olive Oil S. Margherita EST EST EST
Packing in carton of 12 Tins for 0.25/0.50/1.0 lt
Packing in carton of 4 Tins for 3.0 and 5.0 lt
Packing in carton of 12 Bottle-tins for 0.75 lt
0.00 €
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