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Collina di Brindisi Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P.

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The oil "Collina di Brindisi DOP" has characteristics of fruity taste with pleasing sensations of bitter and spicy, clear hints of artichoke and cardoon, particularly suitable for vegetable soups, vegetables and dips.

Olivaggio: 70% Ogliarola salentina; 30% Coratina e Frantoio Olive varieties: 70% Ogliarola Salento, 30% Frantoio and Coratina

The extra virgin olive oil "Collina di Brindisi" D.O.P. is one of the first Italian olive oils that took the coveted D.O.P. of European Union. It is produced in the hilly areas of the province of Brindisi and is bordered by the entire territory of the Communes of Carovigno, Ceglie, Cisternino, Fasano, Ostuni, S. Michele Salentino, San Vito dei dei Normanni e Castelli e Villa Castelli.

The regulations impose forms very hard in the vineyard, with limitations on the productivity per hectare and the use of environmentally friendly systems on the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides. The olives are selected for 70% of the local variety "Ogliarola or clarified," and the remaining 30% from other varieties in the area. These and other well-codified rules to ensure a high quality product that has the following characteristics: average intensity of fruity, slightly spicy and bitter perception. The acidity should not exceed 8%.The oil "Collina di Brindisi PDO" has characteristics of fruity taste with pleasing sensations of bitter and spicy, clear hints of artichoke and cardoon, particularly suitable for vegetable soups, vegetables and dips.


The cultivation of olive trees in the area bounded by the regulations is of ancient origin, legal documents dating from the twelfth century show dealings in the sale of olive oil. Clearly the constitution of the olive goes back to earlier times. Olive oil took the form of currency exchange valuable since it was used for the purchase of livestock and more. "The Olea Iapygia" named by Pliny is the dominant variety in the area, commonly called "Ogliarola or clearly present unique characteristics such as sweetness and high oil yield.


The extra virgin olive oil "Collina di Brindisi" is obtained from healthy olives come mostly from the variety "Ogliarola", which in addition to be collected directly from the plant or hand picking or by mechanical means should be milled to maximum within 48 hours of collection. The process must be conducted within the territorial area bounded by the product. For the extraction of oil are allowed only physical and mechanical processes that can produce oils that present as faithfully as possible the characteristics of the fruit.

The olives are washed at ambient temperature and any other treatment is prohibited. The extraction must be made in the cold. Stringent chemical and physical analysis following the extraction phase and are necessary to obtain the final certification of compliance with the rules dictated by the specification. The bottling process should be completed within 45 days of obtaining certification and must always be in the same area of production. Assuming that exceeded the predicted 45 days, the analysis should be repeated to check whether any of the parameters has been changed which may result in non-compliance with the minimum values established by the specification, in which case the remaining batch of oil can no longer certification of compliance.




from green to yellow



Medium fruit



Fruity with a slight sense of bitterness and pungency

Max Acidity


0.8 grams of oleic acid per 100 grams of oil.

Peroxide number


<= 14 Meg 02/kg



<= 2.40



<= 0.160

Linolenic Acid


<= 0.80%

Linoleic Acid


<= 11%

Score the Test Panel


<= 6.5


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