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Torta Pistocchi, fine pie of black chocolate

Foods > Honey & Chocolate > Torta Pistocchi

We use only selected raw materials from natural vanilla with dark chocolate. Nothing natural flavors, no preservatives, no vegetable fats other than cocoa butter.
Candied citrus from a Grand Master Pastry Chef with only fruit and sugar, an ancient Ethiopian Arabica, fragrant cocoa brown, the best national Hazelnuts, and so on ...
To save us the ingredients are pure madness, we want the best and we must also pleasure.
For 20 years our philosophy has always honored and continues to do so.

Over the years the classic version has added some variations on the fruit of love for other ingredients, also experienced a long time to come to market.
To melt chocolate and mix together with our perfumes of our land.

After 20 years of history and 2 years of work and experimentation is the new orange and white chocolate cake, smiling for its perfumes and its diversity. You'll be surprised by the sensitivity of our white chocolate, for the great aroma of our orange, a perfect match for sweetness that softens and enhances flavors. With natural vanilla to make a great background.

The cake that has made our history, chocolaty and charm. A great soft and creamy chocolate is the best description. For years, the best-selling and beloved by our customers. We like to pair it with a large aging Banyuls.

Hot Pepper
Elusive chase between sweetness and spicy but not too spicy. Try it with a spicy sweet.

An aromatic length of more than 15 minutes ... can not believe it. Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee With a unique fragrance and persistence. Perfect with a large infusion as an espresso.

Sicilian citrus
Sensational candied orange and lemon from Sicily, hand-made with only fruit and sugar are melted together with our chocolate in a hug that voluptuous in the mouth the scent of Sicily. Try it with a lemon liqueur seriously and feel that joy.

The great sensitivity of the "Pera Coscia" makes this one of the most popular version of the series. If Pear and Chocolate is a combination of the classic here is that this cake is the confirmation. Try serving it with fresh pears made of cubes and fried in a spicy wine sauce. Delicious, perhaps with a pear brandy.

At Cherries
Sweetness, bitterness, acidity ... the most popular among gourmets. The high acidity of the fruit contrasts with the bitterness and the sweetness of the chocolate, creating a balance that does not satisfy ever and that makes this release one of our favorites, especially when served with an infused with cherries.

New, sensitive, cool, summer ... another best-seller. Wonderful when served on a sauce of strawberries, with a ribbon of cream and Framboise.

White chocolate and orange peel
A revolution, if not the taste you can not believe it ... Two years of abundant labor, testing, tasting and tasting. A cake is completely different, obviously sweet but not sweet, young, fragrant, fun. Well ... a new frontier?


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